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The first in “The E Z Knight Reports” Audiobooks Knight’s Big Easy Audiobook (Available at: Amazon, Audible and iTunes)

Narrated by Michael Sears
Narrated by Michael Sears

Knight's Ransom CS TP Cover 5-30-13

Knight’s Ransom of the “The E Z Knight Reports”

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Gordon Kessler on The Moneyroom Show
(The interview starts at about 7:10 into the audio program)

DA Bale’s Thriller Is Free On Amazon!

Running into the Darkness

by D A Bale

A thriller unlike any other

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RITD New Cover3

Samantha never intended to kill the President. As a doctor, she swore an oath to protect life – not take it. But that was before he ordered the murder of her family.

Swept from the frigid New York City winter, Dr. Samantha Bartlett returns to the Midwest to once again confront the sting of death – and face those she left behind. But she’s not alone. A strange man she dubs “Shades” haunts her every step as she seeks answers to the inferno which claimed her grandmother’s life, an eerie reminder of her parents’ deaths. The secrets Samantha uncovers forever shatter the image of those she only thought she knew.

Confronted by Shades, Samantha joins a secret underworld known only as the Elite, where a web of power and control is woven deep within governments worldwide. Their sights are set on the seat of domination behind the Resolute desk that is the powerhouse of nations – the presidency of the United States of America. Samantha becomes the Elite’s unlikely key to infiltrating the White House at its most intimate levels.The Hippocratic Oath. All doctors swear by it. But the most despicable deeds must be avenged. The quest for blood swallows Samantha in a veil of darkness and threatens to destroy everything she once stood for.

And from the darkness there is no escape.


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D A Bale’s New EBook Cover!

Check out D A Bale’s new cover for Running into the Darkness

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RITD New Cover

Write the Dream Conference in KC March 7-9, 2014!

Calling all indie writers within driving distance of KC!

Better hurry: coming this weekend

Write the Dream Conference

Featuring two-time Emmy Award winner Cady McClain!

As well as five other top-notch speakers (hey, including me!)

With sessions on Dreamscaping, Editing, EPublishing, Novel Writing, Social Media, Book Covers, Marketing, Funding, Layout and Design, and Brainstorming. Find out more:

From the website: “If you are an aspiring writer who wants to stop talking about writing your story and actually D0 it, then our conference is for you. Please join us in March in Kansas City, Missouri, for your chance to learn the basics of writing and self-publishing your own book and learning from others who have a proven success at reaching the masses. Join keynote speaker, Emmy-award-winning actress, writer, and film producer Cady McClain, who will share with you how she fulfills her own dreams—and hopefully inspire you to do the same.

“Our three-day conference will give you every tool and resource you need to learn how to fulfill your dream of being a published author. You will gain the inspiration to get your story down on paper and take the necessary steps to see it in both e-book form, as well as print. Our conference workshops will include: a set plan to complete that first manuscript; resources to fund your project; tips and tools to help you find a good editor and designer; methods and resources to get your book correctly formatted for distribution; and finally, a plan to help you market and sell your book once it is completed. Step by step, from A to Z, our conference team will walk you through the process— even if you have absolutely no idea where to start. Come for one day or all three— you can choose from three plans that will fit both your time and budget.

“We want to help you share your story…because what you have to say deserves to be told. You don’t need to wait around for the traditional publishers if you want to succeed; all it takes is a good story, will, and determination. Come join us and see what we can do for you!”

Register NOW! us at the beautiful Kansas City Convention Center in downtown Kansas City. For more information about the center, click here. For a complete list of classes and a more detailed description of the conference, click here. To register for the conference or to check pricing, click here. If you would like to register by phone or would like more information, please call 816.896.6802.

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