Jazzy’s Blog: Ask Jazzy Brass

Will You PLEASE Be My Friend?

This is Jazzy Brass’s Blog. Please leave comments and Questions you’d like answered in a golden retriever’s point of view.

Thanks for the visit! 

10 responses to “Jazzy’s Blog: Ask Jazzy Brass

  1. Oh, my! Peppermint, hang in there. I know how these writer folks can be. It seems like their entire focus is on that little screen on their laptop. Don’t they know they there’s a whole wonderful world out there full of rabbits and squirrels to chase, flowers and poop to smell, grass and mud to snack on? I feel so sorry for you that you have to sneak around at 3 AM in the morning to blog to other canines.

    When you see your “current master” give her a smile and a tail wag to start off the morning, and maybe she’ll pay more attention to you. Also, I’ve heard that a bit of milk helps hyper dogs mellow out. I prefer ice cream!

    BTW, my master says he’ll be reading your book and I can too. He really enjoyed Devoted to Traveling!

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