Google EBooks Store No More?

What had been hoped to be an excellent way for indie bookstores to compete with all the online eBook retailers, has folded.

Google books announced that they’re quiting their program directed toward helping the small brick and mortar bookstores to easily sell eBooks. This program was anticipated by many to be a much-needed shot in the arm for indie bookstores. With the Google Books’ eBook program, the mom and pop independents would have been able to supplement slumping paper book sales created by the consumers’ ever-increasing trend to purchase eBooks online and, in a small way, would have helped fill the large hole in their retail business caused by Internet sales.

I don’t know about you, but as an indie author, I won’t miss this program. Months ago, I tried to publish my books in eBook form with Google Books, and found their process so tedious and confusing that I gave up.

So how will this affect indie bookstores? How about indie authors?

Here’s an article that explains more:

2 responses to “Google EBooks Store No More?

  1. Hi Gordon,

    I don’t think this change will affect things too much. I dislike Google ebooks for the same reason as you do, I can’t seem to fathom out their system either.

  2. I agree, LK. I think what Google Books dropping their eBook line affects is the hopes of the independent brick and mortar store of having one more tool–product line–to help them keep their doors open.

    I noticed the article mentions that the indies will keep looking for another source for selling eBooks.

    What’s next? I have a feeling more adjustments/changes are on the horizon for the near future in the eBook industry.

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