For photos of my fun seminars, click here: http://bit.ly/KDhxTq

What people are saying about my seminars and speaking engagements:

“Excellent seminar. Entertaining and informative with pertinent information. Thank you, Gordon!”

“I liked the discussions on characters–also, the Kessler challenges!”

“Gordon covers writing from the novelist’s first idea through finding an agent or editor, as well as getting the words on the page. I’m ready to write!”

“Gordon Kessler provides a whirlwind lesson on how to entice, grab and keep a reader. I’d recommend this seminar for the novice or for the scribe.”

“All of it was exciting and educational.”

“Even if you have no intention of writing fiction, you will enjoy this seminar. You’ll gain a greater appreciation for, and understanding of, the fiction you read. If you plan to write fiction, this seminar will help you write it better!”

“Character sketching was fun–so was clustering.”

“Gordon Kessler offers helpful information and an array of great tips in an entertaining manner.  Valuable insights are given with humor and approachability.”

“Gordon is informative and uses an entertaining approach to make the information clear and understandable.”

“From scene construction to point of view, to finding a publisher, this seminar is helpful to beginning as well as intermediate writers.”

“Gordon gives a fast-paced, yet laid-back and relaxed workshop.  You’re having so much fun you forget you’re being taught.  The interactive style he uses makes everyone feel included and welcome.  Fun, fun, fun!”

“Gordon covers writing techniques in a new and interesting way.  The discussions are lively and full of laughs.  I had a great time and learned so much!”

“I loved the blindfold exercise–I can’t wait to see how it’ll help me improve the imagery in my stories.”

The seminar was: “…a bargain!”

“…enjoyable and informative!”

“…very useful!”

“…practical, direct and engaging!”

“…laidback and fun.”

Gordon: “…shows the steps to a well-paced and richly written story without forcing any one formula.”

“…is very articulate, educational and humorous.”

“…is fantastic!”

“…is fun, friendly and knowledgeable.  I really enjoyed myself and learned a lot!”

“…is informative and entertaining–he made me feel comfortable!”

“…is excellent-entertaining and informative!”

“…is an amiable host.  He did very well!”

“…is wonderfully casual and relaxed.”

“…is very encouraging.”

“…is excellent–fun, relaxed and very knowledgeable.”

“…delivers an informative and fun workshop. I would recommend it to any beginning writer or to someone who hasn’t been writing for a while.”

“…has a passion for writing, and an interesting way of teaching. Thank you, Gordon!”

“…has a relaxed teaching technique.”

“…created a relaxed atmosphere, made excellent comments-is someone who knows. Thank you!”

“…is very good–he has an easy-to-follow style.”

“His style of facilitating the class is very easy going. He made the subject very interesting for someone who is not an English major or who has any experience in fiction writing. Thanks for a great session!”

“His enthusiasm and passion for writing gives hope to those of us looking to better ourselves as writers.”

Would you recommend this seminar to your friends? The answer was a resounding and unanimous “YES!”

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