About E Z

This is E Z Knight’s page, bio included:

Former Force Recon Marine and mercenary, E Z Knight lives on a small sailboat with his golden retriever Jazzy Brass in a SoCal marina, where, at thirty-nine, he attempts to quietly avoid the world’s craziness in which he was once entangled.

He longs to regain custody of his children, but is on probation after being convicted of murdering his wife and two FBI special agents. He served three years of a life sentence in El Dorado State Prison, then escaped in order to prove his innocence and was acquitted of murdering his wife.

Even though the dead FBI agents were found to be “dirty,” without clear evidence of them killing his wife, E Z was given a reduced sentence of thirteen years which included time-served plus ten years’ probation for the “voluntary manslaughter” killings of the Feds. But he was also slapped with a restraining order that keeps him at least two hundred yards away from his young children until his probation is up (another eight years).

*Caveat about E Z’s probation: he can’t carry, possess or handle a gun, knife with a blade longer than three inches, or anything else that could be considered a weapon, otherwise; his probation will be revoked. Being a Force Recon trained killer, and well versed in the martial arts, his hands are also considered weapons, and he can only legally use them to defend himself and not to inflict harm, even on an attacker.

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