Novel Writing Made Simple

THE Book for Novel Writers!

Dot the Dragon’s Eye

Let’s talk about writing really great stories!

THE Book on Novel Writing.

An easy to understand study manual for the beginning novelist, a reference and review for the experienced fiction writer; Novel Writing Made Simple is a comprehensive guide to the novel-writing craft. Its straightforward approach breaks down the rules and conventions of one of the most revered and subjective of all creative arts to their simplest forms. This thorough text covers everything from storytelling basics to manuscript submission. If you have room for but one writing reference book beside your keyboard, Novel Writing Made Simple is the one to have!

Look for Novel Writing Made Simple in large-format (8.5″ x 11″) paperback on and

Also available in eBook from (coming soon), Barnes & Noble, and iBooks (Apple iTunes).

More excerpts and color PDFs from NWMS and “buy link” coming soon!

Dot the Dragon’s Eye and He Comes to Life!

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