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I am a full-time thriller novelist, living in the Kansas City metro area with my golden retriever, Jazzy Brass. I’ve taught novel-writing for several community colleges, worked over twenty years for the BNSF Railway, and I am a former US Marine Recon Scout, Super Squad team leader, parachutist, marksmanship coach and troop handler. I enjoy SCUBA, sailing, snow skiing and being with my kids and grandkids.

My first novel, Jezebel, landed a contract with a large publisher back in 1992. But nearly three years later, on the week they were supposed to make a 10,000-book print run, the publisher went bankrupt.

Since then, I’ve contracted with a couple of big name New York agents, have turned down a small publishing contract, had a verbal deal fall through before the written contract was made, and have had numerous manuscripts passed around the tables at the big NYC publishing houses. A senior editor from one of the largest publishers in the world has even emailed me asking “what are you working on, now?”

With the connections I’ve made, you’d think I’d stick with traditional publishing, wouldn’t you? I’m not that smart! Besides, I’m having a blast writing eBook thrillers—more fun than I’ve ever had in my life.

I currently have three thriller novels in both paper and eBook: Jezebel, Dead Reckoning and Brainstorm. All three of these are between 110,000 and 125,000 words long–typical, big thriller books.

My latest men’s action adventure novels are a part of ”The E Z Knight Reports” series. These books are a departure from the big thriller books I’ve focused on in the past. They consist of episodic yet standalone stories in the 50,000 word range with a number of recurring characters. They’re fast, fun reads; gritty, sexy, irreverent and sometimes humorous–with a modern-day, ramped up “The Rockford Files”/”Magnum PI” feel and a Jack Bauer/”24″ capable protagonist. But they’re also poignant looks at the darker side of life, crime and the human condition.

I’ve also published two short story eBooks: a humorous piece called “Toothpick for Two” and a nostalgic romance called “Jack Baron” (formerly “Jack Knight” but unrelated to the E Z Knight series). Please check them out.

Aside from my fiction, I’ve written a book specifically for novelists, Novel Writing Made Simple. It’s a great primer for beginners and an excellent refresher for the experienced wordsmith. EBook Writing Made Simple is a similar reference book with the focus on eBooks, and is now available in both eBook and paperback.

I am a founder and past president of the Kansas Writers Association, an eighteen-year-old organization of some very special people, and a past president of District Two of the Kansas Authors Club. Last year, I started a group to help support independent authors called the Indie Writers Alliance—another group of great people.

Life is great!

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2 responses to “Bio/About Me

  1. Gordon, I participated in a writer’s group you led several years ago and got a lot out of it. Recently, I have been participating in a Veteran’s Writing Group and have subsequently had a short story and a poem published in the last two issues of Veteran’s Voices magazine. I consider you as the first
    writer to encourage me to keep at it.
    Will Howard

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