EBook Writing Made Simple!–is now available!

Hot off the virtual press–it’s here! EBook Writing Made Simple!

NOTE: Among the many books published concerning eBooks, none are about the actual writing of an eBook novel–until now!

THIS EBOOK FOCUSES SOLEY ON THE ACTUAL WRITING OF NOVELS INTENDED FOR THE EBOOK-READING PUBLIC. It does not deal with the ePublishing or marketing of such work–there are literally dozens of great eBooks out there already to help you with that.

IS WRITING AN EBOOK NOVEL the same as writing a novel intended for the traditional publishing industry? It doesn’t have to be–it can be much better. Why? When writing an eBook novel, you’re writing for the reader and not the uptight, rutted, NYC publishing industry. Find out how, and have fun writing again!

This eBook is especially designed for the beginning eBook writer, but it is also a great guide for the novelist who wants to think out of the box. With the huge new market writers have discovered in writing eBooks, opportunities abound for authors who take a different tack and understand this new venue from a clearer perspective. Writing for reader entertainment by bending and even breaking the uptight traditional publishing industry’s stiff and restrictive guidelines frees the author’s creativity.

Come take a look at the fiction-writing craft from a whole new angle and discover the innovative and effective ways to reach your readers.

From the basics of fiction writing and the strict unbudging conventions of a steadfast traditional publishing industry to how to break the rules for pure entertainment value, this book encompasses it all. A 500+ word lexicon of terms every writer should know is included.

7 responses to “EBook Writing Made Simple!–is now available!

  1. Congratulations, Gordon, on your new venture. A great and much-needed e-book reference all writers will find helpful..

  2. Great idea, Gordon. Love the cover, too.

  3. Hi Gordon,
    i look forward to reading the book. i have been writing for years but never published. now with the e-pub it seems so much easier i would like to try and get some of my work out there. this book will help tons. thank you for writing it for all of us newbies. :S

    tammy ramey

    • Tammy,
      Isn’t it wonderful that we writers can now write for our readers? I encourage you to jump on the indie publishing bandwagon while it is open and available. Keep writing and don’t give up your dreams!
      D.A. Bale

  4. Gordon,
    Fabulous idea! Thanks for leading the charge once again.

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