Dead Reckoning

DEAD RECKONING Kindle EBook only $2.99!
Kindle EBook only $2.99!

Product Description:

A young woman investigator goes undercover aboard a small US Navy ship to find out why its crewmembers are disappearing one by one. Not knowing whom she can trust, Janelle “Spurs” Sperling encounters high seas, drugs, sexism, homophobia, love and murder aboard a ship of horrors before discovering the real danger. She is thrown into non-stop, life-threatening situations as she uncovers startling clues while teaming up with both friend and foe to stop an unthinkable terrorist plot to kill thousands of Americans.

She soon discovers that the ones wearing the white hats aren’t always the good guys as memories of a traumatic childhood event come back to slap her in the face and reveal that she is an unwitting pawn in a deadly game between the US government, ruthless terrorists and her own family.

She has but one choice. The only way to stop a catastrophe of enormous proportions is going to be…Suicide!

All hands: stand by for heavy rolls—we’re coming about and heading into the storm!

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DEAD RECKONING Kindle EBook only $2.99!

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