Jazzy Brass




My Jazzy Brass is a skeptical young lady.  She’s the smartest and sweetest canine I’ve ever known.

But there are times she seems to take what I say with a kibble of dog chow to make it more palatable.

When I tell her,  “Okay, we’ll go outside in a minute,” she’ll roll her eyes and lie down with her head on her paws, knowing it will be more like a half hour.

She’ll give me that same eye roll when I tell her about all my great adventures, or the idea for a new E Z Knight book, or that I’m going to make her famous.

Actually, she’s okay with the stories, as well as my embellished recollections. But she doesn’t really care about being famous. The one thing she wants is to love and be loved…by absolutely EVERYONE she meets. And she’ll wag her tail and lick you until you do.

Look out world! My Jazzy Brass has a lot of licking to do!

Here’s my star left fielder focusing on the ball:

2 responses to “Jazzy Brass

  1. Any dog that will put up with wearing glasses needs to be in the movies. She, then, WOULD be famous.

  2. Sometimes she let’s me wear them.

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