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Will You PLEASE Be My Friend?

This is Jazzy Brass’s Blog. Please leave comments and Questions you’d like answered in a golden retriever’s point of view.

Thanks for the visit! 

11 responses to “Jazzy’s Blog: Ask Jazzy Brass

  1. What an honor to be featured in Kessler’s new novel. I hope you stay safe.

  2. Thank you, horror/suspense writer B J Myrick! You honor me with your blog post–wow! Your stories are both fun and spooky, and keep me awake but entertained at night! The ones with the kitty cats scare me the most–but it’s never the cats who are the bad guys, is it? http://www.amazon.com/B.J.-Myrick-Eaton/e/B00678UBPS

  3. Jazzy, thanks for visiting my blog! I had a great time chewing the kibble with you. Please visit again sometime.

  4. Thank you! It was indead a great pleasure. If anyone else would like to see my interview on D A Bale’s blog, please go to: http://dabalepublishing.blogspot.com/ .

  5. Jazzy, My name is Tiresias. I’m Jimmy O’Reilly’s Ornate Box Turtle. Even though I’m a turtle and I’m blind at that, I really like dogs. I have a new friend named W.B who is a lab puppy, but I’d really like to get to know a more mature canine. Wanna be my friend? Tiresias.

  6. Tiresias, sure! We can run…er, uh, crawl around together. Thanks for stopping by. I’ll look forward to reading more about you and W.B. in Fields of Death!

    Please, come back often! I hope you have a blog page!

  7. Veronica Barber

    Hi Jazzy. I am Veronica Barber, a cocker spaniel. I used to be a breeder dog but a few months ago after I turned six, I became a house dog. I love it except they insist on taking me places in the car. I am scared of the car. I saw a picture of you in a car, and you didn’t look scared. Were you ever frightened to go bye-bye? I bet not. I saw a picture of you in the water, too, and I don’t like that, either. Of course, I’m a bird-flusher, while you’re a bird-retriver, so that’s just a breeding issue, I guess. But the car thing – – brrrr. Let me know if you have any suggestions of how not to be scared in the car.

  8. Sorry I didn’t answer you sooner Veronica! My agent (he thinks he’s my master) took me to my favorite home away from home: Broadmore Kennels in Shawnee, Kansas (http://www.broadmorekennels.com/)–it’s like camp for dogs–while he was doing some writers’ conference thing down in Wichita.

    Anyway, I travel a lot in cars. It’s not my favorite thing, by far. It makes me a bit apprehensive (maybe it’s my agent’s driving). But I do okay. My agent tries to assure me with soft talk and gentle touch–I think I’d rather he just keep his focus on the road!

    Yeah, water is really my thing. I’ll jump into a mud puddle the same way as into a lake. I’m not a great swimmer yet, because I haven’t had that many opportunities. I splash a lot and people laugh at me–but I don’t care, I have a blast!

    What scares me? Thunderstorms, coffee grinders, vacuum cleaners, gunshots (I’ll never be a bird huntress) and other loud noises.

  9. Jazzy, my name is Peppermint. I’m not sure if we can be friends, but I’m willing to give it a try. I don’t usually like other dogs and bark my head off to show my feelings. I love chasing squirrels and my home is my domain…with no room for another dog except for play dates. My current master says I’m high maintenance and hyper. I don’t think so…just need lots of attention. Anyway she is a writer and has little time to play with me. When my real master comes home in a few weeks I’ll be most happy.

    My current master, Arlene Rains Graber, writes women’s fiction along with Christian fiction. Jazzy, you might want to check out her novel, A Plane Tree in Provence. It will wet your appetite to see the world. http://www.arlenerainsgraber.com

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