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Kindle eBook Readers–New Data! How Do You Like Kindle Select?

I hope Kindle eBook customers enjoy Kindle Select as much as most Kindle Select authors do. I feel like it’s been a great boost for most of us who have dared go exclusive with their program.

As for myself, I’ve had a total of over 16,000 downloads of my books since January 4, 2012. Of those, a bit less than 10% were “paid,” the rest being “free” downloads. Although that ratio of free to paid seems a bit high, I feel that most of the folks who downloaded my books for free were looking specifically for free books and wouldn’t have been my readers, otherwise. Although free, with that many downloads, my titles became much more visible, which in turn helped get them more “paid” sales.

Don’t get me wrong, I like getting paid for my work, but I also like the idea of having my work out in front of so many readers, as well. If you figure that it takes the average reader twelve hours to read my average novel, and if all 16,000 books downloaded were actually read during that three-month period, on average, 75 people would be reading my books, 24 hours a day, every day.

When I think of this, in my mind I picture a large college classroom with 75 filled seats in which each person is reading one of my books on their Kindle. Then, at the 12-noon shift change, everyone gets up, finished with another one of my novels, and 75 new readers come in to begin reading. Okay, I’m a bit nuts. Still, just the thought of entertaining so many people for 12 hours is really neat!

Finally there is data available on the first three months of the Kindle Select program. On the link below you’ll find some of the numbers as well as endorsements from several authors. I believe this blog article I’ve linked to tries to be objective, but it’s hard to look that way when most everything you read is positive.

Readers and authors alike, check it out: http://www.publishyourownebooks.com/kdp-select-results-after-3-months/