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News Flash: E Z Knight is stuck in the Big Easy!


E Z Knight fans have been after me about when the next episode will be published. Well the first draft is finished and on my editors’ desks. The book will hit Amazon very soon!

JUNE 30!

That’s right. Poor ol’ E Z Knight has been stuck down in Norlins (New Orleans) for the past two and a half months (my writing time, that is). He’s in the Big Easy trying to stop some really mean bastards from killing a whole bunch of people, including Billie, the son of E Z’s parole officer, Tamara White Cloud.

Leaving Smokey and his buddies Beautiful and Booger behind in Southern California, he’s working with Black Zack, an old jazz trombone player, and beautiful redhead FBI Special Agent Pooh Dooley (Poodoo), who’s working undercover in more ways than one. They’re chasing and being chased by a couple of despicable villains named Papa Legba and Sheriff DePue. These two lowlifes are playing God over the lives of 500 children.

This is the wildest ride E Z’s been on yet, and if you’ve read Knight’s Ransom, you know I’m not talking about Disneyland amusements. With eyes popping, necks breaking, stabbing, shooting, choking, and even a little alligator chomping, E Z is working his way to the bottom of this, his deadliest of all capers yet. And staying alive and among the living has been especially difficult with a Voodoo queen doing everything she can to make him a zombie, and his new ally Jazz player Black Zack hauling something a little more illegal than plain fescue clippings in back of his pickup.

Time is running out–500 kids’ lives are at stake. Find out what happens in Knight’s Big Easy coming at the end of June.

Still on the back burner is Jazzy Brass’s Missing Scenes. Knight’s Big Easy is Jazzy’s debut, and she’ll accompany E Z in every episode from their meeting in the Big Easy forward.

Happy reading!

Grouchy-Grumpy Man’s Pet Peeves

I hope I don’t lose any readers when they find out how uptight and anal I really am.

Actually, I personally think I’m a laid-back sort of guy, very accepting of others—a kind of do-your-own-thing-as-long-as-it-doesn’t-hurt-anybody-else kind of person. Still, I find myself cringing throughout my day from obvious, rampant rudeness. Typically, it’s me wishing people were more thoughtful and considerate of others when I see something happen that goes against what I feel is proper.

So, here’s my basic list of Pet Peeves. Do you have some you’d like to add, or would you like to comment on mine? Please do.

Language and Rudeness:

1. People who substitute “No problem” for “You’re welcome,” “My pleasure. Please come again” or “Anytime. Let me know if I can do anything else.”

If you’re going out of your way to help someone, sure, saying “no problem” is courteously telling someone that it was not a problem—no trouble at all—to lend a hand.

Now, if you’re a fast food engineer with a paper hat and name badge that has a happy face on it, it’s your job to serve the public—of course it’s no problem…that’s what you’re getting paid for (if you’ve read Knight’s Ransom, you understand exactly how I feel)!

2. The use of the extra word why when saying “the reason why I…” instead of “the reason I…”

3. People who don’t answer when you say “Hello”—and don’t make eye contact

4. People who interrupt, especially in the middle of your answer to their question

5. Negative people with nothing positive ever to say

6. Bosses and other people who are liars and/or without integrity

7. Men who cuss publicly, in crowds and around women and children

8. People who feel that cigarette butts are so small that it’s not really like littering when you leave them on the sidewalk or along a walkway

TV, Movies & Video Games:

9. TV shows with explicit language and content that are obviously not for children, but purposely have elements that attract children to watch

10. Video games for children that contain sexual or very violent content and excessive depictions of sex, horrific injuries, deaths, severed body parts and blood

Driving & Cars:

11. Drivers who don’t use their turn signals to turn or change lanes (usually due to not having a free hand because of the cell phone to their ear)

12. Drivers who carry their little doggies on their laps while they drive

13. Drivers who text while they drive, especially in heavy traffic and when first in line at stop lights

14. Drivers who eat and drive with their knees

15. Drivers who block a second stall when parking

16. Drivers who stop at a four-way before you and then insist that you go first (especially when they’re on the right side)

Pet Owners:

17. Dog owners that let their dogs beat up on less aggressive ones, using the excuse “they’re just being dogs”

18. Dog owners that do not clean up after their dogs in public places, especially sidewalks and bike trails

19. Dog owners that don’t restrain their animals

20. Dog owners that put their animals in situations where the dog barks all day (especially apartments or back yards)

Rudeness & Put-downs:

21. Women and men who live in glass houses and tease others who have big noses, ears, are balding, overweight, flat chested, short or in some way less than perfect, and in ways that are beyond their control

Phones & Usage:

22. People who text in the theater during movies, especially when they’re seated toward the front of the theater

23. Long phone menus when all you want is to speak with someone or leave a message

24. Loud background music while on hold

25. Phone menus that list nothing that applies to your needs

26. Phone menus that take you in circles

27. People who answer their phones during a meeting and just sit there and talk while the meeting continues


28. Elitist writers who think they are “authentic,” “literary,” more “real” or someway above others—especially those who poopoo “commercial,” or “popular (pulp)” fiction

29. New writers who have just learned a standard writing convention and who make it their crusade to ensure every writer, experienced and novice alike, strictly abide by this rule as if it is to never be questioned

31. Writers who think they’re experts at their craft after only three or four years of writing

My Pet Peeves about Readers?

I have no pet peeves concerning readers. They’re all absolutely perfect—the reason I write!

32. Oops, there is one: Readers who read the last page before the rest of the book, and readers who don’t read the prologues or the epilogues of books that have them. Okay, sorry–that was two.

All right, now that I’ve told you of all these little annoyances I find in my life, I need to ask, “If I know I’m a hypocrite, does that make me not one?”

Come on! Get mad! Tell me some of your pet peeves!

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Our Favorite Contemporary Bestselling Authors

I have a number of favorite authors—those stellar bestsellers that are impossible to beat. Many are namebrands, familiar in every household. Most of them are mystery, suspense, action/adventure or thriller authors. Those are the ones that really pull me in. Their novels live in my mind so clearly that I’m drawn in and feel as though I live inside their stories.

I’ve compiled a few of these authors’ fun interviews. Just click on their names. Generally, each one of these heavy-hitters have done multiple interviews over their long careers. I’ve tried to compile their most recent ones.

Tell me what you think. If you’re a reader, these interviews will draw you in—they’ll show you how human, yet how very imaginative, these fine writers are. WARNING: after reading/listening to/watching each of these interviews, you’ll want to buy all of their books. If you’re a writer, these interviews will inspire you to write even better stories.

Do me a favor and add links to better interviews you’ve found as well as those of some of your favorite authors that I haven’t included. Tell us why you like them.

Here’s my list.

Douglas Preston: Author of many bestsellers, including The Codex. He gave me an excellent review on my thriller Brainstorm. Teamed up with Lincoln Childs, they wrote The Relic as well as eleven other thrillers in a series featuring the unforgettable FBI Special Agent Aloysius Pendergast. Now they have another bestselling series out—will it ever stop? I hope not.

James Rollins: Writes the action-packed, bestselling Sigma Force series, as well as many other chart-toppers. He has certainly inspired me—and he’s a heck of a nice guy in person. It doesn’t hurt any that he also gave me a great review for Brainstorm.

Dean Koontz: The biggest influence on my writing career, early on. His imagery and description are second to none. You’ll find some fun audio and video about his golden retriever Trixi, as well as some other really great content, including interviews, on his incredible website.

Stephen King: Who hasn’t this guy influenced and inspired?

James Lee Burke: A great writer whose characterization is unbeatable.

Tess Gerritson: A fun lady who knows how to write great thrillers.

James Patterson (1) & (2): Does anyone not love his Alex Cross novels and the way he can mix Cross’s personal life with the dramatic plot and make it fun and exciting?

Nelson DeMille: I love this guy—a really smooth storyteller who can make you believe anything he writes in his stories.

Clive Cussler: The action/adventure king of thrillers—a true Thrillermaster!

Robert B. Parker: Creator of Spencer and Jesse Stone, now deceased, but what a wonderful storyteller!

I could go on and on, but my brief comments won’t do any of them the least bit of justice. Here are a few more of my favorites:

John Connolly

Harlan Coban (1)  (2)

Nora Roberts (a.k.a. J D Robb)

Phillip Margolin

Jonathan Kellerman

John Grisham

Mary Higgins Clark

David Baldacci

Steve Berry

Terry Brooks

Lee Child

Michael Connelley (1) (2)

Jeffery Deaver

Jim Fusilli

Lisa Gardner

Elizabeth George

Lohn Lescroart

M.J. Rose

Jeffrey Deaver

John le Carré

Dennis Lehane (1) Dennis Lehane (2)

Again, tell me what you think. Add links to better interviews as well as interviews of authors I haven’t included. Have fun!